Sunday night delights #15

This weekend…
We heard at the beginning of the week that our house move was going to happen before the end of January. Cue us starting to panic pack and thinking that the weekend would be spent doing the same. In the end though, it looks like it is going to be a bit longer than two weeks, so we unexpectedly got our weekend back. Such a relaxed one as a result and mainly involved lots of reading, chatting and food. I cooked my first proper roast for ages earlier. I need to do this more regularly so it doesn’t end in last minute stress when I’m trying to make sure nothing burns, get the meat ready for carving, making gravy and dish up all at the same time!

The week to come…
There is going to be a fair bit of house moving admin this week I fear. However, one thing I’m tremendously, and irrationally, excited about is that I’m finally getting my hair cut. I started to grow it out before our wedding (in August) and various attempts to have it cut have all been called off at the last minute. I’ve got an appointment for Wednesday and I’m so happy it’s not going to take me an hour to dry it before work anymore (my hair is really thick which means once it gets past a certain length I can’t put it up and it retains water better than a sponge). Well this blog is supposed to be about little pleasures, can’t get much more happily mundane than haircuts?!

5 things I'm grateful for right now…

  • Living on the edge of the countryside. We went for a lovely winter stroll on Saturday morning from the house. I so appreciate walking for a minute and being in open fields.
  • The Office (USA) – finished watching the last season this week. So good. We were tempted to start watching from the beginning again after the final episode, but decided that was a bit mad. We are a bit bereft in the evenings now though.
  • Not turning the TV on automatically but reading our books instead.
  • Cinema pick & mix – got my lemon bon bon fix on Saturday night.
  • Tasty roasts (already mentioned, but worth a repeat!)