Christmastime 2015 

It’s felt like a funny run up to Christmas in a lot of ways; with a newborn seasonal fun has got rather pushed out of the picture. So many things have not quite happened, no cards written (sorry friends and family) no mince pies baked, no mulled wine and no turkey consumed as yet! We have still managed to mark it in little ways though. I finally started playing with my letter banner kit to make decorations for our kitchen. I love how cheery they look on grey grey days. 

It’s always a joy to get the favourite decorations out, I always forget about some and am happily reminded when going through the boxes. Also we finally had room for a real Christmas tree for the first time this year. Even though it is quite small I love it so much and went a bit crazy with pom pom decorations that I made last year

I did manage to do a bit of Christmas making as well, I played with cornflour clay to make a few (very simple and, err, ‘rustic’) presents – more on that another day. I had some clay left over to make some snowflakes to decorate the wrapped gifts. 

Having the little one does mean there are wonderful dressing up opportunities of course. I’m so sad she’s already grown out of her elf costume – those feet!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas – I hope it is filled with peace and joy. 

Colourful Christmas letter banner   
Bird ornament  Christmas tree  Cornflour snowflake wrapping decoration  

Little elf  

Makes lately

I haven’t been as crafty as I’d like in the last few months of 2014, so 2015 is going to be my year of craft. I want to properly get to grips with my sewing machine, crochet a blanket and try to be organised enough to hand make a few presents.

The last few months of 2014 haven’t been a total making wasteland though, I completed my first proper crochet project by making a scarf. I’ve also made a few wedding photobooks for family as Christmas presents – they went down really well but were quite time consuming to put together. We’re planning to carry on with photobook creation though as it’s so lovely having the photos in a physical book, rather than on the computer. So we’re going to make one for each year, so we eventually build up a little library of our lives together, like old fashioned photograph albums. We’re going back and doing them from 2012 at the moment, making use of some January sale discounts. Hardanger engagement card

I have also got back into a bit of basic embroidery and cross stitch, which I used to do lots of stopped as it started to get a bit dull. I picked up my hoop and needle again though when I wanted to create an engagement card for a few friends, and thought hardanger style white work would be perfect. I customised a basic heart shape with the couples’ initials. They were quick to sew and are hopefully something they can keep. I need to remember to create something more elaborate for their wedding cards now!

Cross stitch

I also used this brilliant cross stitch website to create a pattern for Will’s birthday present. The website lays out lettering into a cross stitch pattern automatically. The quote I used is a paraphrase of a line from the poem Will’s sister read at our wedding. It now sits on Will’s bedside table, so I think he likes it!

Snowflake bunting

Snowflake garland

Finally, I went a bit crazy with some cheap sparkly wool I found in Poundland, crocheting lots of snowflakes from this Attic 24 pattern as well as one in an old crochet magazine. I made them into garlands for our stairs.

Snow ball pom poms
I also broke out my new pom pom makers to create snowball garlands – they look so fuzzy and cheery!

May 2015 bring even more happy crafting moments.

Sunday night delights #8

Aaah, ok, I confess the plan to blog lots whilst Will was away didn’t really happen. A few other chores were also left undone when I got the opportunity to have three of my oldest friends plus my friend A’s baby round for a ‘teenage’ evening mid week. It was teenage in the sense that we know each from then and we ate a lot of teenage sleepover food of crisps, chocolate and pizza and watched awful tv. It was fab though! I’ll do better on the blogging front this week – I am determined.

This weekend…

Was a bit frustrating to be honest, as I had to cancel our lovely fun Saturday plans at the last minute due to feeling unwell (again at a weekend!). I was supposed to be going down to London to see the poppies at the Tower of London and catch up with my bridesmaid J, who has just got engaged herself. I was then supposed to join Will at his University friends’ birthday party. As I couldn’t go, I thought I would change the style of this post for one week only, and make a little list of a few of littlest things that have been making my life very happy lately. And the littlest things that are often the best things of course.

– Wonderful tea: I have been meaning to cut back on caffeine for a while, as at work especially I can easily end up having six cups of tea a day and then a few at home which I think is a bit excessive (and I love tea so I wish I didn’t have to say it). I haven’t found a herbal tea I like to drink regularly so I am thrilled to have discovered Kandula Tea chamomile and rose flavour. So tasty and relaxing and I haven’t got bored of it yet – even drinking it at lots of different times of day.

– Pom poms: I bought a set of pom pom makers a month or so ago and have been having great fun this weekend making lots of different sized pom poms for Christmas bunting. So quick, easy and fun.

– Cinema: Will and I have got unlimited cinema passes recently and it is so wonderful to go and see films whenever we want without feeling like you’re wasting money. It broadens what we go and watch as well which is good as we have very different tastes in films

– Not spending any money: the above list may look like a bit of a ‘things I’ve enjoyed buying’ consumerist dream, but actually this weekend we haven’t bought anything aside from food, which doesn’t really count as stuff for the sake of it. And it’s a very nice feeling to know that the simple things like a Sunday morning walk, good books and spending time together at home are just as enjoyable as buying ‘things’.

The week to come…

I  am looking forward to  blogging of course!