Sunday night delights #16

This weekend…
Had a busier weekend than I’ve had for a while, which I’ve really loved. So good to fill the weekend with new things and changes of scene to refresh me for the week ahead.

Saturday was the day of bargains, as I had so many successes in the local charity shops, including a brand new pair of floral canvas shoes, a Laura Ashley jumper, a bargain rotary cutting mat, some floral vintage glass bowls and some Staffordshire ware mugs which were 69p each. Such bargains! Would love any information anyone has about Staffordshire pottery – can’t find anything about this design online but it says Staffordshire on the bottom so assuming it’s the same thing as some of the more famous patterns. Doesn’t matter either way though as Will and I love these designs.

Staffordshire mugs

Today was spent in London with some University friends, eating and chatting lots but also visiting the Foundling Museum, which was excellent. I’m planning a whole post on the museum along with the launch of a new blog series – watch this space in the next week or so for more about this.

The week to come…
Will’s just headed off on the sleeper train for work, he’s away for the whole of this week. Although I’ll miss him, I’m trying to look on the bright side and concentrate how nice it is to choose exactly what I like to watch on TV and read for as long as I like in bed. A week is long enough to appreciate these things though, so I’m also very much looking forward to seeing him again on Friday.

5 things I’m grateful for right now…

  • Timing my day perfectly so I coincided waving goodbye to my friends in London with Will arriving to catch his sleeper train. We had a lovely dinner in town before saying goodbye. Love it when things work out like that.
  • Colourful wool – I’m busy crocheting granny squares at the moment and the combination of lots of bright wools are so happy making.
  • The snowdrops are out, which means Spring is in the air.
  • Trains – never stop being thankful I can whizz into London in under an hour. Sitting on the rail replacement bus this morning made me appreciate the quick journey home this evening even more.
  • Charity shops. There is so much stuff in the world already that being able to buy second hand, and in a tiny way reduce the amount of demand for new ‘things’, is something that I think is rather wonderful.

Sunday night delights #8

Aaah, ok, I confess the plan to blog lots whilst Will was away didn’t really happen. A few other chores were also left undone when I got the opportunity to have three of my oldest friends plus my friend A’s baby round for a ‘teenage’ evening mid week. It was teenage in the sense that we know each from then and we ate a lot of teenage sleepover food of crisps, chocolate and pizza and watched awful tv. It was fab though! I’ll do better on the blogging front this week – I am determined.

This weekend…

Was a bit frustrating to be honest, as I had to cancel our lovely fun Saturday plans at the last minute due to feeling unwell (again at a weekend!). I was supposed to be going down to London to see the poppies at the Tower of London and catch up with my bridesmaid J, who has just got engaged herself. I was then supposed to join Will at his University friends’ birthday party. As I couldn’t go, I thought I would change the style of this post for one week only, and make a little list of a few of littlest things that have been making my life very happy lately. And the littlest things that are often the best things of course.

– Wonderful tea: I have been meaning to cut back on caffeine for a while, as at work especially I can easily end up having six cups of tea a day and then a few at home which I think is a bit excessive (and I love tea so I wish I didn’t have to say it). I haven’t found a herbal tea I like to drink regularly so I am thrilled to have discovered Kandula Tea chamomile and rose flavour. So tasty and relaxing and I haven’t got bored of it yet – even drinking it at lots of different times of day.

– Pom poms: I bought a set of pom pom makers a month or so ago and have been having great fun this weekend making lots of different sized pom poms for Christmas bunting. So quick, easy and fun.

– Cinema: Will and I have got unlimited cinema passes recently and it is so wonderful to go and see films whenever we want without feeling like you’re wasting money. It broadens what we go and watch as well which is good as we have very different tastes in films

– Not spending any money: the above list may look like a bit of a ‘things I’ve enjoyed buying’ consumerist dream, but actually this weekend we haven’t bought anything aside from food, which doesn’t really count as stuff for the sake of it. And it’s a very nice feeling to know that the simple things like a Sunday morning walk, good books and spending time together at home are just as enjoyable as buying ‘things’.

The week to come…

I  am looking forward to  blogging of course!