Easter and life lately 


Time has flown here – can’t believe it’s well over a month since I last posted. We’re coming to the end of a very relaxed long Easter holiday weekend. Will took a few extra days of leave so we’ve had a lovely amount of family time. We haven’t really done anything particular, aside from eating. Look at my two favourites on Easter Sunday! I am getting a bit obsessed with secondhand Baby Boden dresses as you can see.

Felicity is now sleeping better at night (note use of the word better not well there!) she is still up and down like a yo-yo although we have had a few glorious nights of four – five hour stretches and she generally goes down OK at the start of the night now thanks to our bedtime routine. Although it is not great, it is better than the sitting up all night with her stage,  just need to remember that and hope it’s all heading in the right direction. It’s quite scary what sleep deprivation does as the nights where she’s only woken up a couple of times I’ve felt horrible the next day. I think because my body is like ‘yes yes this is what I need – more please’ but more never comes! I used to write blog posts in the middle of night or when she was napping on me, hence the lack of posts lately now I’m not up as much (which I’m definitely not complaining about).

I can’t believe how much my tiny baby   has grown and all the new things she has learnt to do, she finally treated us to a few giggles, can now grab everything, and is very very interested in food. So interested in food in fact that we have thrown the ‘rules’ out of the window and   started giving her some solid food even though she’s not six months. She just needs to learn to sleep better now – naps are even more sporadic as she’s just too interested in everything else going on. This is currently being typed whilst standing in our utility room rocking the pram. Shhh about wondering what will happen when she outgrows the pram – I’m not thinking about that just yet!

Days are so funny with a baby – they are so filled but not with much, yet fly so fast. As well as the everyday stuff we have   attended a wedding (the first of five we have this summer) which involved a long car journey, and Felicity’s first stay in a hotel. She loved all the people but was very confused about why everyone was clapping and cheering then suddenly being very quiet during the wedding ceremony. She loudly voiced her opinion during her Godfather’s reading with a loud ‘Bah!’ It was a happy noise at least.

We’re organising her Christening which will be a lovely chance to celebrate her birth and welcome her to the world with  family and Godparents. Also I’m hoping it’ll give me the chance to be able to attempt to do something vaguely crafty and decorate the hall we’re having lunch in afterwards.

Finally, we’re planning an exciting family trip in June. I’m still trying to decide whether we’re mad but we are heading off on a long road trip up to the Cairngorms. Will has the opportunity as part of his work to take a sabbatical to do something useful for wildlife conservation. He has some pretty niche skills so is going to swap his desk job to go and try to find a rare hoverfly. I’m teasing him and saying he’s going to be staring at a log for two weeks! As I’ll still be on maternity leave Flissy and I will be joining him and tagging on some family holiday at either end to break up the journey by staying a few days on our way up and down – exact routes are being planned. If anyone has any tips about travelling with an 8 month old they’d be much appreciated. We’re mainly thinking we need to buy a roof rack at the moment!

Before all that excitement we’ll just keep pootling on with our happy if very sleep-deprived life of discovering the world closer to home with Felicity.