Hello 30 Days Wild 

I saw the 30 Days Wild hashtag on Instagram last June and thought ‘that looks fun’, and I’ve actually remembered to start on the 1st June this year which is a small miracle.

The 30 Days Wild challenge run by the Wildlife Trusts is all about making room in your life for wildlife and nature every day in June.

I think we already have a lot of contact with nature, but there’s always room for more so I’m interested to see how we do, especially how well we can get F. engaged with different things. Even though she isn’t two yet, she is already so enamoured of wildlife and natural spaces. It will also be good for me, as I’m very aware that with the slightly hectic pace of our lives I have taken a lot less time to visit a nature reserve or just observe wildlife and not be distracted by the smart phone to do list.

There is so much evidence emerging that contact with nature is a really important part of wellbeing and mental health. Because of this I very much see connecting F. with wildlife and the wider environment as a crucial part of her childhood her. In the same way as I try and make sure she tries a variety of food, reads books, learns new words and runs around a lot, introducing her to nature is an essential part of hopefully raising her as a healthy and happy person. Of course it’s also great fun too!

I’m hoping to blog during June about our challenge, but we’re on holiday for some of it so there may be pauses. I’m sure I’ll still be on Instagram though. What are your favourite ways of sharing a love of nature and the wild with toddlers?