October: birthday and back to work 

October is now a special time for us as it’s Felicity’s birthday month. A year has gone very quickly and she is most definitely a toddler, she’s rampaging everywhere now and we have even had a few tantrums – eek!

Look - a butterfly!

Butterfly house exploring

We had such a lovely time celebrating her birthday though. The actual day was one of my working days, so Will and I booked the day off and took her to the zoo with my parents. She was very very impressed with the butterfly house, it was small enough that she could toddle round and admire (chase) the butterflies. Elephants were dull in comparison. We’re currently debating whether we should get a membership so we can go back with no pressure to see everything in a day.

Happy birthday baby

First birthday puffin cake

We also had a little birthday party with lots of baby friends, it was a little manic but very enjoyable. I even managed to make and ice a cake half-neatly. My grand plans to make elaborate decorations didn’t happen, but luckily my sister-in-law had crafted an amazing puffin to go on top – Felicity’s favourite book is about a puffin, quite a lot of the presents ended up being puffin themed too.

October also saw my proper return to work, rather than just the odd day. I am really enjoying this, but I have been putting a lot of  energy into getting back into the work mindset, as well as getting Felicity used to her new routine and making the most of our days together. And that’s without making sure we’re all clothed, fed and living in a vaguely clean house. 

My big hope for November is that I can maybe do something that isn’t work/Mama-ing/housework or watching Gilmore Girls whilst slumped on the sofa exhausted. Gilmore Girls is obviously time well spent, even if we’re only averaging an episode a night, but I’m hoping I can maybe get my hygge on with some candles at the same time, or actually pick up some knitting or crochet. Wild ambitions!

Sunday night delights #10: a little late

I know I shouldn’t, but I tend to get a sinking feeling halfway through Sunday afternoon, as I realise the end of the weekend is near. I thought I should take some time to think about all the lovely things that have happened over the weekend, and what I’m looking forward to.

This weekend…

It was a good one everyone! A busy one too which is why this post is a day late, it’s Monday night delights this time. After a pretty hideous day at work, concentrating on cheerful things is only a good thing too.

Saturday was such a lovely day when I caught up with Jennifer from Pastry & Purls and our other friend N. We went to the V&A in London to visit the exhibition on Wedding Dresses. If this is your cup of tea then I thoroughly recommend going, as there are some truly beautiful dresses on display. I think I actually found the older dresses more interesting than the modern ones, as it is fascinating to see how certain features reappear over hundreds of years.

We intended to view another gallery or two after the main exhibition, but after sitting down for lunch in the cafe, we ended up spending as long just chatting and catching up as we had at the exhibition, especially when lunch turned into afternoon tea and cake! It is wonderful when you can just happily sit and chat for hours though, something I feel I don’t do as much of now I’m older – University was nothing but sitting and chatting from memory. We just had enough time for a quick shop visit as well before we had to part ways (boo!).

I had to get home as we had a fancy dress housewarming party to attend. The fancy dress theme was art so there was rather a panicked scramble to get a costume together, Will and I went for the rather random choice of ‘The Awakening Conscience‘ by pre-raphaelite William Holman Hunt, to mixed success I think! Still, it was still a lovely evening with lots of people getting fairly tipsy and making various animals out of pipe cleaners.

Sunday ended by being a bit more admin focussed when we spent a ridiculous amount of time getting a new mobile phone sorted for me (it all went very complicated due to my name change since the wedding). It was so badly needed though as my old phone could no longer make calls and texts didn’t always come through. Pretty much useless as a phone essentially! I feel a bit guilty that I went for another minerals-eating iPhone rather than getting something more ethical, I had at least driven my last phone into the ground rather than getting an upgrade when I was offered one years ago. I’m concentrating on the better photos I will be able to take from now on, so hopefully the blog will benefit from some prettier pictures. We did manage to have a bit of fun when we went to see the new Hunger Games film last night (I recommend) followed by the pub. A rather unusually active Sunday night which was actually a really nice change – and why I didn’t write my blog post on time!

The week to come…

A funny one this week as we’re both going away for work so my normal pottering about at home will be replaced with networking and conference dinners. I’m loving the portability of crochet though so I will definitely be taking some to do if I get a minute in between talks at the conference. I’m also already looking forward to getting back to my own bed again (rather sad I know), but we’ve just put on the lovely new duvet and bedding we got as wedding presents and it’s so warm and soft. Don’t think the hotel bed will be able to compare. Feels like a little treat each night after our old scratchy bedding.

Sunday night delights #7

This weekend…

So we got an offer accepted on the house we like! This is tremendously exciting but we won’t really know for sure that it’s all going ahead for a while, so I’m trying to not get too excited (obviously not accomplishing this, have started Pinterest boards for different rooms already, oh dear).

A fair bit of this weekend has been taken up with filling out boring forms and having boring meetings as a result of this, which are all worth it obviously if we get a lovely new home.

We did manage to host our party though, as mentioned in last week’s post. Ended up being a bonfire night party rather than a Halloween party. We went to the local fireworks display then came home and had sparklers in the garden and lots of board games followed by playing dancing games on the Wii until the early hours. All this was accompanied by lots of beer, wine, and mulled cider (I’m in love with mulled cider for Autumn) which resulted in lots of laughter. Lovely to have our little house full of people again, it had been a while since we last hosted a shindig.

Today was then spent at my family’s pre-Christmas get together. We had to have it early in November this year due to various long trips being planned. Usually I’m ‘against’ Christmas until December, but this was a special exception.


My cousin’s wife comes from a Danish family, so she and my cousin made it an aebleskiver and mulled wine party. I’d never heard of aebleskiver before, but my they were delicious. Like sweet Yorkshire puddings made from pancake mix, served with jam. They are traditionally made around Christmastime, often eaten at afternoon parties like the one today. It was the first time we’d seen my family since the wedding, so it was great to see everyone and have more of a chat than you can on your wedding day.

The week to come…

Will is away again for work this week, last one for a while thank goodness as I do miss him when he’s away. He’s back on Friday and we’ve got tickets to see Ross Noble’s live show in Cambridge, so I’ll be looking forward to Friday for two reasons!

I’m also determined to get a few things ticked off the to do list whilst he’s away. It’s hardly a delight, which are after all the point of these posts, but if I get a few big things done it will make me feel better, so I’m going to count it. Top of the list is finishing sewing an engagement card for a very good friend. I will be sure to share it here when it’s done.