This time last year

DSC_3221This time last year, we were in South Africa, so I’ve been going through photos and reliving the trip. We spent a few days in Cape Town, then drove from Cape Town to the Garden Route, stayed a few nights there then carried on to a safari lodge near Port Elizabeth, then headed back to Cape Town on the inland route. It was an amazing journey. There is so much I’ll never forget from those couple of weeks, but my top things have to be:

DSC_2746– Deciding to go up Table Mountain almost as soon as we arrived in Cape Town, as it was a glorious day and the views would clearly be wonderful. We were totally exhausted from our long overnight flight – with stopover – but as soon as we stepped out of the cable car onto the top all that was forgotten thanks to the spectacular vision of the city and the oceans spread out in front of us.


DSC_2894– Visiting Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was held by the apartheid government, on South African Heritage Day. I cannot comprehend how you could stay sane being held – so wrongly – somewhere like that, let alone come out ready to negotiate with and forgive your captors. Somewhere everyone should visit if they have a chance.

IMGP8396– Seeing a whale for the first time.


– Having a picnic lunch in Bontebok National Park – definitely the best view I’ve had at a picnic, well, ever.


– The gorgeous scenery in all the other National Parks we visited along the way. And having to cross a river on a pontoon.


– The totally amaze balls, cool beans (any other annoying excited sayings you can think of) stay at Kuzuko Game Lodge. We had a huge room with a completely private balcony looking out over the bush, even the bath had a view! We actually did a little dance of excitement when we first saw the room, as we weren’t sure how we’d managed to stay somewhere quite so lovely.IMGP9163

– The wildlife on safari at Kuzuko. Some people saw elephants from their rooms, we weren’t that lucky, although we did see the elephants out on a game drive; lions ridiculously close; cheetah; rhino; giraffe; warthog; springbok…. I could go on for a while…


– The crazily beautiful and stark scenery on the drive back through the interior towards Cape Town, which I actually found more stunning than the much more famous Garden Route. It was significantly less tourist orientated so it might be it was just more of a surprise.

I would love to go back and perhaps go further north, to Johannesburg and Kruger National Park, but at the same time feel I should explore somewhere else in Africa, or another continent altogether. Ah pleasant dilemmas!