August, already? 

July has whizzed by at a quite scary rate. Home after our long trip, there has been much catching up to do, both with friends and starting to do stuff on the house for the first time in ages. As a result life has felt pleasantly busy and full, without seeming too manic. I have also been starting to look towards the end of my maternity leave in September/October, and have been  discussing plans to return to work on a part time basis. Simply because I feel like I’m counting down towards the end everything has obviously sped up.

Felicity is becoming more fun every day, learning new things all the time and properly interacting with everything around her, which is a joy to see. We’ve spent lots of time outdoors in the glorious recent weather, and she loves her paddling pool. She has even started napping in her cot (rather than on me or in pram, sling or car), it just seemed to happen one day and having around two hours to myself is amazing. It’s also made her happier too as I can get on with things whilst she naps rather than her getting bored whilst I do the things that have to be done like ensuring we have some clean clothes and food to eat. It’s also made me more relaxed about sleep at night as I just have to have faith that, like naps, it will just suddenly click and get better. Fingers crossed naps are a fixture for a little while at least, as it will help when she’s at the childminder as well.

I had a bit of a freak out when going to meet our lovely childminder for the first time, at the idea of leaving her and whether she will be OK. It was all a bit illogical as we’d talked and talked about the right thing for us as a family and decided this was it. Logically I know it is better to start her at the childminder earlier for a very gradual introduction to the new environment away from home. Everything I’ve read says it’s best for her to have a really gentle handover, to ensure she’s comfortable before I leave her alone for the first time, but at the same time it feels like I should still have two months, not be thinking about ‘abandoning’ her already. Aside from these wobbles I’m actually looking forward to getting back into the swing of work so everything is crossed that she settles quickly. The two times we’ve been round to the childminders she’s been off harassing the older children without a backward glance, so hopefully that will continue.

Our social calendar has calmed down, with only one wedding and a Christening since my last catch up post(!)It has been the most lovely summer of celebrating friend’s happiness. There is also the perk of getting to go on mini breaks in nice places – most recently York. Sure I’ll talk about this in more detail at some point (when I get caught up with all the other travel posts I want to write…)

Wandering round York was also a chance to catch some Pokemon – yes I sadly wanted to be in on the latest craze. I tend to have limited attention span for these things but wanted to understand what Will was on about – I swear I had five minute conversations with him where I had no idea what he was on about until I started playing too. I have to say in terms of seeing the effects of it out and about I have never known any – I guess you could call it cultural – event like it. Once you get your eye in you see people wandering around slowly staring at their phones and doing the characteristic upward swipe all the time. Or saying random things like ‘there’s a growleth somewhere around here’. It might all be some distraction tchnique and the world is about to end while we’re all too busy trying to catch cartoons – but at least it’s something a bit happier right?!

As it’s July 2016 I also have to mention – the new Harry Potter play scripts have come out! I have just reread all the books again so it was very exciting to get a new part of the story. I was also incredibly lucky we were heading back from York so I had a car journey to read it in, I was sure I would never get the opportunity to read it in a day, as I did with all the novels, with Felicity rampaging about. Long car journey whilst baby napped saved the day though. I did enjoy it although it isn’t as good as the main seven books (no spoilers here beyond that!), the play itself must be an amazing spectacle though so if you’ve got tickets you are in for a treat, and I’m jealous!