Hit the road Fliss


So we’re off – we have completed the Lake District and ‘first family holiday’ part of our little month long meander. Will is doing a work sabbatical looking for insects in the Cairngorms, and as I’m still on maternity leave we decided we couldn’t resist Fliss and me joining him. So we’re spending almost a month away from home, with stops in the Lake District, Aviemore and Northumberland.

I fully intended to take a family ‘we’re setting off’ picture with our new roof box (makes me feel very grown up having a roof box) and laden family car before we left home. This didn’t quite happen though as getting ready to set off was, shall we say, not such a calm experience. Between recovering from a hen party on Saturday, making sure we had the million and one random things we needed to remember to put in and getting the house ready for my best friend house sitting, it was a little manic. But we made it and touch wood haven’t discovered we’ve forgotten anything really crucial yet.

Being on holiday with a baby is certainly a change of pace but Felicity if anything seems to relish the change of scene, doesn’t sleep any worse in her travel cot and thoroughly loves having her Mama and Daddy around all the time. We’ve had to adjust our usually fairly busy holiday schedules to much more mooching, although going slower is no bad thing. We have still managed to get out for walks, and see some countryside, which is what we’d spend most of our time doing on this type of holiday anyway. I will write a post all about visiting the Lake District with a baby very soon, as there are lots of lovely things to do with a little person in that part of the world.

We’re so glad we opted for self catering, what with still being in the weaning stage and her going to bed at 7.30, being able to prepare our own food and have somewhere to sit not in the dark and silence after bedtime (unlike a hotel room) makes everything a lot more relaxed and like a proper holiday for us too.

Next stop Aviemore!


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