Baby memories: Felicity is six months

This is a totally selfish post to make sure I don’t forget all the little details of Felicity when she was tiny. I look at friends’ newborns and can’t believe how small they are, that time seems so long ago already for us. I don’t want to forget all the little things she did which she will grow out of all too soon. The early days are seeming quite vague now and I’m sad I didn’t start earlier. I have always loved reading Hannah’s update posts about her daughter on Seeds and Stitches, long before I became a mother, so I have been inspired to do the same. I try and record the little moments on my phone as and when they happen. I can’t believe how much this little person has grown looking back at these!


– How scared she looked when she got hiccups ‘on the outside’ for the first time: there was sheer terror in her tiny bleary eyes. (first day)

– How she unfurled like a little flower. From being a newborn with her legs all  curled up, with a caveman brow that slowly disappeared. She always looked a little grumpy or confused during the early days.

– How content she is asleep on me – this can mainly be a bit of a trial I have to say, as this is the only way she would reliably sleep for several months, but at the same time the way she sighs, finishes her feed by pulling off my boob then sort of wriggles up to rest her head on it like a human pillow always creates an instant burst of that wonderful maternal joy and love.

– The way she didn’t really have one first smile moment – but gradually started with coy little lip upturns until she was all out grinning within a few weeks. The first definite smile at something specific was my boob, it was a look of the most delirious joy, much like I get when I see cake! (six-eight weeks)

– How her ears wiggle a tiny bit when she’s having a really good feed.

– When she started to respond to poetry read by her Dad in sheer fascination (two months)

– Rolling over from tummy to back and promptly bursting into tears at the surprise of the new location. She didn’t repeat the trauma for a while after that! (three and a half months)

– She’s developed a sad expression that has a completely down turned mouth. Because she has a round little face she looks like an emoticon when she does it. Haven’t managed to capture that on camera but it’s hilarious. Sure it’s not good responsive parenting that I burst out laughing whenever she pulls it!

– Her epic long chats when she looked so earnestly at me and coos and wiggles her head and I know she’s desperately trying to communicate (two and a half months)

– How happy she is when listening to music – she kicks, and her eyes open wide with joy as if to say ‘this is the most wonderful noise I’ve ever heard’. At nearly six months her favourite is Twist and Shout by The Beatles.

– Her happy place is in her Daddy’s arms smiling at Mummy. The grins are bigger than you would think possible for such a little person. (four months)

– We went to stay with my parents for a few days whilst Will was away for work and they loved seeing her kick so much on the changing mat she ended up building quite a lot of power in her stamp. She now does it on her changing table and sounds exactly like Thumper from Bambi (four months).

– How quickly she changes. Certainties are developed and then overturned so quickly as she is developing so much all the time. The jumperoo was her favourite thing in the whole world from about three to four and half months, so much so that we had to limit her time in it as she was a bit little to be in it really and we didn’t want her hurting her legs and hips. At five months she’s totally unbothered and is just cross when we try to let her have a bounce. I’m sure she’ll change her mind yet again at some point soon.

– Her first proper laughs, which sounded both nervous and a bit like an old man. (five months, to the day)

– The grabbing glasses off people’s faces game (five months)

Six months

– The first nice day of the Spring and her sheer joy at being outdoors and her interest in things. She was happy for ages lying on a rug playing. Later that day we took her for a walk in the sling and she was squealing with glee on her first forward facing adventure and at being able to see everything in the wood. She’s an outdoor type it seems, despite being a poor little sunlight deprived October born baby (five months)

– She loves cucumber (five and a half months)

– She can move herself quite a way by sideways commando crawling and pushing up on her arms so she ends up going backwards. She sometimes looks confused about why things are moving away from her when going backwards though.  (5 and a half months)

– Again a mixed blessing  – but I have never met anyone who goes from being totally asleep to wide awake in about thirty seconds. I put her down in her crib a minute ago sound asleep and she was up rocking back and forth trying to crawl immediately. (five and a half months)

– She keeps leaving her tongue out like a cat that forgets to reel it back in, (5 and a half months) and is desperately trying to blow raspberries and is usually unsuccessful (six months)

– Wriggling out of her side sleeper crib to loom over me lying next to her as I wasn’t moving fast enough to feed her. It was quite a shock seeing a little face about an inch in front of me when she’d never really moved from where she was put down to sleep before (five and half months)

Happy baby

Happy six months in the wonderful world my darling. On to proper food (definitely – she loves eating already), her own room (better or worse sleep? Please not worse!)  crawling (hopefully soon – she’s trying so hard), walking (she can already stand up very well, I’m guessing it will be before she’s one) and first words (I can’t wait to hear your voice baby girl, and although I shouldn’t rush you I so hope you’re not like your Daddy and say something before you’re three!)


6 thoughts on “Baby memories: Felicity is six months

  1. This is such a beautiful post and I think you’re done so well at remembering all these moments! In truth, I don’t remember a lot of this with my first – I think I struggled a bit with learning how to become a mum that I didn’t get the chance to enjoy being a mum. I’m sure we had many beautiful moments like these but I didn’t write them down soon enough! Now I have #2 and I’m desperately clinging to moments like these.. 🙂

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