Handmade wedding part 5: table design, favours and seating plan 

Finally another post in my handmade wedding series. I should get these finished by our second anniversary at this rate!

The little details was where I went properly craft crazy for our wedding. You know the little bits that just make everything a little bit nicer even if they are really not essential? They were also some of my favourite elements of the day (aside from the people of course!). The little touches and details are definitely the fun part of wedding planning and DIY-ing. I’ve actually had to split this post into three, which might indicate the amount of craft excess that went on.

Wildlife and nature themed wedding table design

Table design
The vague theme of our day was wildlife and nature, and the table design had this in mind.

Bird nest wedding favour

The favours were by far the most time consuming detail as we (I had a lot of help from friends!) made over 80 of these little knitted nests. I filled them with the traditional sugared almonds to look like eggs. We then wrapped them up with organza and used brown luggage labels so they could also act as name place cards.

I went a bit crazy with the rubber stamps, including the ones I used for our save the dates, invitations and orders of service, to decorate the back of the luggage labels. I made matching menus for each table too.

Beaded bee on the table centre decorations

I also thought our table centres of pots of lavender needed a little extra something. So I beaded lots of these tiny little bees to look like they were buzzing round the plant. At almost every wedding I’ve ever been to the table centres get given away to guests the next day and ours went complete with bees – which I’m pleased to report are now buzzing round the house plants of a few of our guests!

The seating plan 

I know people have mixed feelings about table plans but my controlling streak was actually quite excited about matching up where our loved ones should sit, so we had one.

Table names

Will and I have incredibly different taste in books – and pretty much the only book we both adore is My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell. I’m not sure if my guests would agree but once I’d had the idea that we should name our table ‘the Family’ and all the guest tables after the other animals mentioned in the book, there was no stopping me. We thought this would be a bit random without any explanation so included a quote about each animal on the table name sign.

My family and other animals seating plan

Actually designing the seating plan board/display thing was something I left to the last minute and it worked out more by luck than judgement. It was very simple with just a few classic illustrations of animals featured in the book cut out and added via photoshop. This got we got printed on a high quality printer, and it was framed for display by the venue.

I really liked how our tables looked in the end and they didn’t take too long to set up. Beyond the DIY elements I would really recommend potted plants as table centres. They generally work out a quite a bit cheaper than a flower arrangement, and also will last longer if you give them out to guests after the wedding.

All photos aside from the bird’s nest favours and the bee were taken by our brilliant wedding photographer Stephen Bunn. The nest and the bee were taken by my friends and wedding guests Emma and Vikki respectively. 

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