Reading with Felicity: a new series 

sharing a book with Felicity 

When I think about all the parenting challenges that we’ll have to meet over Felicity’s life I think the thing I’m least worried about is sharing a love of reading, language and books. Will and I read a lot, our house is filled with books and I’m a professional Librarian who semi specialised in children’s librarianship, although I didn’t end up getting a job in that field unfortunately. So I kind of feel like I’ve got this covered. 

Of course now I’ve written that down clearly I’m going to fail miserably. She’ll blatantly only enjoy books when she’s ripping them to shreds as a toddler, be obsessed with screens as a child and she’ll probably say she hates the boring Brontes when she’s a teenager and break her mother’s heart. Despite that, though, I am going to risk starting a series on Felicity’s books and what we’re enjoying reading at the moment. 

So far my enthusiasm/brainwashing seems to be paying off, as Felicity does already like a variety of books at the tender age of four months. I’ve been surprised that she started responding to books so early and also fascinated by learning what she does and doesn’t like. Surely one of the real privileges of being a parent is sharing all the wonderful bits of the world with your child. Stories, poetry and books have bought me so much joy throughout my life that I am excited to be sharing that with her now.  This occasional series will catalogue (Librarian joke there) and share our adventures in books. Watch out for the first post soon!


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