2016 hopes 

At the beginning of 2015 I thought about the main hopes I had for the year ahead. I wanted to avoid a list of hard to achieve resolutions. Partly because I think it is easy to be over ambitious and a bit mean to yourself which doesn’t really work and also because I’m a chronic resolution maker throughout the year. At New Year I want something a bit more overarching. So instead I thought about what my main hopes were, and I found this a kind and gentle way of trying to concentrate on the really important things over the next year. I didn’t do badly at keeping them in mind all year either. So here are my hopes for 2016

Being more thoughtful: I have been so touched by the amount of people who sent good wishes, cards, presents and generally thought of us when Felicity was born. It was amazing to have such an outpouring of love. I’m awful at remembering dates, remembering to send cards or even thinking of you texts. It makes me so happy to share in the joy of friends and family so this year I really hope I can be more thoughtful towards those I love. It brings me so much pleasure too! 

Enjoying my particular life: otherwise known as not comparing myself to anyone else. This is skirting dangerously close to a resolution, but it’s more about being content with my life now. It’s easy to get into a spiral of thinking others are doing better than you, especially with social media. This is generally irrelevant and quite toxic thinking. I am very happy with my life; comparisons are meaningless, I know. I want to just keep pottering on my merry way this year without comparison or angst, despite becoming a parent, which seems like it could be a bit of a hotbed of competitive comparisons (especially about how others babies are sleeping/behaving/how other Mums are doing so much better etc.). If our little family is happy and healthy by the end of 2016, that is all that matters. 

Making: a simple one, despite the wriggly little person I want to ensure I have time for a little making, quite simply because it makes me happy and content. Not about what I make or how good it is – the act of doing it is enough. 

Sleep: self explanatory and the most longed for! 

Wishing all my readers a very happy 2016. If you have any big hopes for the new year  I’d love to hear them. 


3 thoughts on “2016 hopes 

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the first two especially, I’ve tried hard recently to show my appreciation and be more thoughtful- in the past I tended to hang back rather than let people know I valued them.

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