Pregnancy: the second trimester

I’m currently four days overdue so looking back to the middle stage of pregnancy is a bit of a nostalgic distraction!

Throughout my rather horrible first trimester I had people telling me that the second is lovely, that I would feel fantastic and all would be well. This is actually fairly accurate, in that it was like a switch had been flipped and suddenly I felt human again after feeling grim for months – though I’m still not sure I’d go as far as saying I felt fantastic…

It was definitely a short lived phase though, as I didn’t count myself as being in the second trimester until I stopped feeling sick – which was at about week 19 for me. Really the second trimester is supposed to last from about week 13-28 so I didn’t actually get that much time to enjoy it!

I also had a few issues with hip pain – it can happen in pregnancy and I found that if I walked too far or fast, sat on hard chairs for long periods and wore uncomfortable shoes it would flare up. I feel quite lucky overall though as if I avoided these things and was careful, I actually felt fine and able to carry on as normal, even if nice outfits were rather out for the forseeable as I’ve been exclusively wearing some very trendy bright white trainers for weeks. Some people suffer much more with this type of pain though so I mainly felt grateful that I could be comfortable most of the time and still get out and about. I’m still not convinced I’ll ever feel really ‘glowy’ during pregnancy, but there certainly were lovely moments in my experience of the second trimester, such as:

– Feeling the baby move. From the first few flutters where I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling, to the full on kicks of later on, it is lovely beginning to actually feel this whole other person you’re carrying about. It’s like being in a little gang of two – and baby kicking vigorously when no one else can tell what’s happening (ie in work meetings) is like carrying around a little secret friend! Seeing Will’s face the first time he felt the baby move is also something I’ll never forget.

– Telling everyone, people were so happy for us and it felt so lovely to talk about it all openly.

– Getting my energy back, suddenly I began to feel a bit like my old self: we went on holiday, I started making things again, work wasn’t a complete marathon to have to get through every week. I started to finally sort out and put things away in our new house and we got a fair bit of work done on making the house a home. Glorious.

– Actually enjoying food again after getting over my nausea. Chocolate, cake, cups of tea, fruit and vegetables – all no longer made me throw up and there is nothing like a cup of tea after months!

– Getting a little bump, rather than just looking like I’d put on weight round the middle. I started to believe I was pregnant and get an inkling of the way my body would start to change and grow. It still seems miraculous to me that my body just knows what to do and is growing this whole other little person.

– Feeling like we know our baby, we began to get a sense of our baby’s personality when we went for our 12 week scan. It’s legs were such a blur as it was bicycling them furiously all the time. This continued with our second scan when we in the room for double the amount of time as everyone else because our baby was moving so much that the sonographer really struggled to get all the measurements she needed. Our second scan picture looks a little bit like the inside of a washing machine he or she was dancing around so much – none of your frame worthy pictures of baby lying calmly for us! Essentially we’re thinking it might have inherited Will’s crazy energy and need to do lots of exercise, it also seemed quite strong from a young age, apparently babies aren’t really supposed to be able to kick so hard that their Dad can feel their movements through the placenta. In my head it’s going to be a very sporty and active little thing. Time will tell if this is true when we meet the baby in the next week or so!


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