Our new home

After several months of stress and uncertainty about whether we would actually move we have now been in our lovely new house for about 4 months (it was 3 months when I started writing this post…)

I have to say I would not recommend moving whilst in the early (sicky) stages of pregnancy, although my midwife did assure me it is better doing this than trying to move nearer the due date with all the stress that involves – such as whether you’ll be in a new home before the baby arrives! We were lucky enough to have loads of help on moving day itself from Will’s parents which was really appreciated and made everything slightly less manic. I did manage to scare our removal people though when a wave of nausea came just as they’d removed all the furniture it was possible to sit on. I retreated to a little ottoman we had in one of our built in wardrobes, and they obviously thought I was a bit odd as I was sitting in a cupboard for no apparent reason – especially as we didn’t share the fact I was pregnant.

This is the first house we have chosen together, so feels like a bit of a big thing, but also the first house I have ever bought. Despite watching many hours of Location, Location over the years, we ended up with something completely different to what I thought was my typical dream house. Our old house backed onto fields, and felt very peaceful and rural, which quickly became something we didn’t want to give up. Then there was the fact that we really liked the village we were living in, it has nice pubs, enough shops but still feels small enough to be an actual village. We didn’t limit our house browsing to just one place, but really we wanted to stay here if we could. I’m a typical blogger in that I’m a fan of period features, open fires or wood burners and Instagram worthy rooms – and our new house has none of this on the surface. We soon realised that living in a village with a Georgian market square meant a lot of houses were lovely enough to be listed buildings (which we just don’t have the resources to take on, having known a few people who have had to make huge outlays to fit in with the regulations). Or there were gorgeous, non-listed, houses, but they were crammed in the middle of the village on fairly busy roads.


Then we found this house, very new, on a small development built about 15 years ago. There were no Instagram worthy rooms, no open fire, but it is much nearer the market square, whilst still miraculously backing on to a small piece of woodland (with our own private secret garden style gate) which then leads to open countryside. It had oodles of space inside, upstairs was almost double the size of similarly priced period properties we viewed. In the end we decided we could personalise and decorate to our own taste, but the space and the location was too good to miss. We had already decided to start a family, so wanted somewhere where we could properly settle, and also minimise the chance of ever having to buy and sell a house (and move, ugh) in the immediate future!

Our secret garden gate


However, the change from a small house with one living space – living room/diner and small kitchen, with two bedrooms, to a four bed with living room, kitchen/diner, conservatory, study and an extra room (probably a dining room come library but we haven’t really decided what it’s going to be yet – an unbelievable luxury I know!) – was quite ridiculous when we got our furniture in. Our large sofa and not-so-large TV were the only things in the living room for quite a while and it looked a bit mad – like a waiting room. The one thing we had a lot of in terms of furniture was bookcases (7 in our tiny house may have been a bit excessive…) but ironically these didn’t immediately fit anywhere obvious in the new house.

After the initial moving stress I’m finally getting into the excitement of having a whole house to decorate and make a home – some rooms are almost sorted and straight now after lots of delays when the morning sickness really kicked in just after moving day. There have been lots of conversations about exactly what are the most important things for us to get done before the world changes in October with the baby’s arrival. Then there’s balancing how much we can physically get done ourselves, costs and what we can live with even if it isn’t what we’d have chosen to do with the house (hello turquoise carpets everywhere that are in too good a condition to think of replacing lightly).

As always happens, we knew there were a few things we wanted to do before we moved in, and we discovered a few more once living in the house for a couple of weeks. Some are plumbing and builder type things, and a lot else seems to involve painting everything white and debating the merits of super expensive wallpaper online.

So this is the start of quite a long journey of changes to the house, and I will update you on what we’ve done so far. But I thought you’d like a sneaky peek at our new home in the meantime!


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    • That was a super generous wedding present from my Aunt. She said she’d always wanted one when she was younger but could never afford it – so she got one for us! It’s amazing, super fast cakes. Want to try pastry next…

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