Oh gosh it has literally been months! I had not ever imagined I’d have such a long break in blogging, and have really missed it. That thing called major life stuff has got in the way lately. For a start we moved house – we now live in a house by the woods with a kitchen large enough to properly cook in and bedroom view that feels a bit like we live in a tree house (heaven). I wasn’t able to provide an update about this at the time a due to various fun admin errors we were without internet for almost a month after moving in. That Netflix viewing was incredibly sweet when we finally got connected though!

The main reason I’ve been so silent is a little bit further reaching though, I’m preggers! Baby is due in October. With our impeccable timing, this meant that moving house coincided with the start of some pretty unpleasant first trimester exhaustion and sickness. I think Will and I both knew that early pregnancy could make you feel unwell, but we had no idea it could make you feel that unwell. The first few months of settling into our new home were delayed because of this – we only just unpacked the kitchen properly a few weekends ago – and this was the room we were most excited about before moving in. Luckily my work were fantastic, with lots of time off and support (working for a charity has many benefits), although the nature of my job means that me being off a lot meant there was quite a bit to catch up on when back in the office. The day job has been taking priority as I catch up and prepare to handover for maternity leave.

Happily I’m now feeling well enough to start properly writing regularly again, and it is so good to be back! I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to take maternity leave from my Sunday nights posts, as most Sunday nights (well all nights really) I am mainly fantasizing about bed, and I think that might get a little dull to read about. I went to bed at 8pm the other night and it was heaven! I’m planning lots of other posts though (including some that have been languishing in the draft folder since February) so please watch this space and thanks for sticking with me this far lovely readers!


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