Makes lately

I haven’t been as crafty as I’d like in the last few months of 2014, so 2015 is going to be my year of craft. I want to properly get to grips with my sewing machine, crochet a blanket and try to be organised enough to hand make a few presents.

The last few months of 2014 haven’t been a total making wasteland though, I completed my first proper crochet project by making a scarf. I’ve also made a few wedding photobooks for family as Christmas presents – they went down really well but were quite time consuming to put together. We’re planning to carry on with photobook creation though as it’s so lovely having the photos in a physical book, rather than on the computer. So we’re going to make one for each year, so we eventually build up a little library of our lives together, like old fashioned photograph albums. We’re going back and doing them from 2012 at the moment, making use of some January sale discounts. Hardanger engagement card

I have also got back into a bit of basic embroidery and cross stitch, which I used to do lots of stopped as it started to get a bit dull. I picked up my hoop and needle again though when I wanted to create an engagement card for a few friends, and thought hardanger style white work would be perfect. I customised a basic heart shape with the couples’ initials. They were quick to sew and are hopefully something they can keep. I need to remember to create something more elaborate for their wedding cards now!

Cross stitch

I also used this brilliant cross stitch website to create a pattern for Will’s birthday present. The website lays out lettering into a cross stitch pattern automatically. The quote I used is a paraphrase of a line from the poem Will’s sister read at our wedding. It now sits on Will’s bedside table, so I think he likes it!

Snowflake bunting

Snowflake garland

Finally, I went a bit crazy with some cheap sparkly wool I found in Poundland, crocheting lots of snowflakes from this Attic 24 pattern as well as one in an old crochet magazine. I made them into garlands for our stairs.

Snow ball pom poms
I also broke out my new pom pom makers to create snowball garlands – they look so fuzzy and cheery!

May 2015 bring even more happy crafting moments.


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