New Year hopes

I love the turn of the year as a natural point to stop and think about the year just gone and the year ahead. I’m generally not a New Year’s resolution maker as a lot of the traditional things people focus on – such as getting fit – seem overly optimistic to start at the darkest and coldest time. Resolutions also tend to be all or nothing, once made, the first failure means the whole thing is forgotten. I also tend to make different resolutions throughout the year, and I think I’d get too lazy if I only did this in January! So instead these are some general things I’d like to be guided by in 2015, I just won’t call them actual resolutions!

Focus on what I enjoy. This encompasses the things I try and talk about on this blog – making, travelling, spending time outside, reading and generally making the most of life. 2014 didn’t have as much of these things as I would have liked – mainly due to a lot of admin type things relating to the wedding and house buying. So my hope for 2015 is that we can have lots of trips to the seaside, catch ups with old friends, time making lots of things by hand, a few jaunts away and make our new house a real home, somewhere we want to stay forever. I also want to stop wasting so much time doing ‘meh’ things, I think we all do those things (like randomly surfing the Internet, keeping something on TV that you’re not that bothered about), but rather focus on things that actually bring joy.

Being more thankful. I try to do this at the moment, and want to continue next year. Mainly I want to either be thankful for what I’ve got, and not moan, or change things if I’m not happy, I think being thankful is helpful for distinguishing which is which!

Live more lightly. Well doesn’t that sound pompous? I mean this in the sense of trying to live more ethically. I want to avoid bad retailers, buy more from ethical or local shops, try to mainly buy secondhand, eat less meat, be kinder to the environment. We’ve started this already, so I want to continue in 2015.

Hopefully I’ll be able to work towards these things just a little bit over the next year. Whatever happens, it’s going to be a good one, with a house move and our first year as a married couple!

If you’re not really a resolution maker I recommend looking at Sarah Rooftop’s list of things to do every day in January – such a good idea!


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