Sunday night delights #12: an epic catch up

Oh dear, sorry for the rather epic blog silence. After our weekend in Edinburgh (post about that coming very soon!), I came down with a horrible bug that totally wiped me out for almost a week. Last weekend was mainly spent in bed and this week was rather manic catching up with everything so I have neglected my little blog terribly. I also can’t believe it’s Christmas on Thursday, being ill confused me terrible, we only got our decorations up on Thursday, though I am now revelling in the coziness and the twinkling!

Birthday presents

This weekend…

Well I couldn’t help having a nice weekend: it was my birthday yesterday! I got so many lovely gifts, including books on crafts and interiors; a new teapot and purse and many other lovely bits and pieces. With all the messages from friends I haven’t seen for a while as well, I felt like a very spoilt lady. After all the illness and chaos I was very keen to have a quiet one, and that was exactly what I got. I was brought breakfast in bed and had a long lie-in whilst opening presents, followed by lunch with my parents and more presents (accompanied by prosecco rather decadently). The afternoon was spent with good friends and birthday cake (and baby cuddles). Topped it off with a relaxed evening crafting, with a Chinese takeaway and a Harry Potter film. I realise that sounds like the whole day revolved around food, but it was all the more awesome for it. I like nothing better than that kind of relaxed day, and really felt like I haven’t had one for months, so I loved it!

Today started off less nicely in that Will seems to have come down with the bug I’ve just recovered from, so we had to cancel our plans for attending a friend’s wine and cheese party this afternoon. Instead I caught up on some Christmas crafting, sorted a few more presents and generally enjoyed the Christmas cheer at home, lighting the candles in our living room and turning on the tree lights made our little house such a nice place to be today.

The week to come…

I’ve got a few more days at work, a few more Christmas parties and meals and then I’ve got a heavenly 11 and a half days off. Can’t wait! I hope you’ve got some time off to relax and enjoy the season.


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