Sunday night delights #7

This weekend…

So we got an offer accepted on the house we like! This is tremendously exciting but we won’t really know for sure that it’s all going ahead for a while, so I’m trying to not get too excited (obviously not accomplishing this, have started Pinterest boards for different rooms already, oh dear).

A fair bit of this weekend has been taken up with filling out boring forms and having boring meetings as a result of this, which are all worth it obviously if we get a lovely new home.

We did manage to host our party though, as mentioned in last week’s post. Ended up being a bonfire night party rather than a Halloween party. We went to the local fireworks display then came home and had sparklers in the garden and lots of board games followed by playing dancing games on the Wii until the early hours. All this was accompanied by lots of beer, wine, and mulled cider (I’m in love with mulled cider for Autumn) which resulted in lots of laughter. Lovely to have our little house full of people again, it had been a while since we last hosted a shindig.

Today was then spent at my family’s pre-Christmas get together. We had to have it early in November this year due to various long trips being planned. Usually I’m ‘against’ Christmas until December, but this was a special exception.


My cousin’s wife comes from a Danish family, so she and my cousin made it an aebleskiver and mulled wine party. I’d never heard of aebleskiver before, but my they were delicious. Like sweet Yorkshire puddings made from pancake mix, served with jam. They are traditionally made around Christmastime, often eaten at afternoon parties like the one today. It was the first time we’d seen my family since the wedding, so it was great to see everyone and have more of a chat than you can on your wedding day.

The week to come…

Will is away again for work this week, last one for a while thank goodness as I do miss him when he’s away. He’s back on Friday and we’ve got tickets to see Ross Noble’s live show in Cambridge, so I’ll be looking forward to Friday for two reasons!

I’m also determined to get a few things ticked off the to do list whilst he’s away. It’s hardly a delight, which are after all the point of these posts, but if I get a few big things done it will make me feel better, so I’m going to count it. Top of the list is finishing sewing an engagement card for a very good friend. I will be sure to share it here when it’s done.


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