Handmade wedding part 2: grow your own invitations

Wedding invite

After making all the save the dates cards, the invitations were scaling up a little bit, I ended up making just over a hundred I think (you start to lose count after a while). There is some gorgeous wedding stationery out there, but at £1 or £2 per card it tends to come with quite a hefty price tag if you’re making lots, so there was a definite money-saving element to doing it ourselves.

By the time I started thinking about the invitations we had decided that wildlife and the natural world was going to be a big theme throughout the day, and wanted to reflect this in the invites. After discovering paper that grows because it is embedded with seeds, I immediately wanted to make it part of our invitations. You can get some absolutely wonderful pre-designed invitations made out of seeded paper, but these were a bit out of our price range. After a lot of googling though I came across Growing Greetings, who offer great value packs of seeded shapes, little flowers and butterflies. They also use seeds of wildlife friendly flowers which was even better!

I knew I would have to incorporate them – it was just a question of how! I experimented a bit with both the flower shapes and the blue butterfly designs, but we decided on the butterflies in different sizes as they would fill the card more. We stuck them on with removable sticky dots, so our guests could take them off to plant later, and put instructions of how to grow the butterflies in the invitation.

I bought a set of wedding stamps on eBay, and used both the ‘Wedding Invitation’ and ‘Evening Invitation’ for the cards. To finish I got some pretty ribbon and stuck that on with roller adhesive (washi tape would also work though).


We printed the actual detail of the invitation using Word, it was fairly basic but was so much better for us in our wedding planning. We were very pushed for space at the venue so we send out one lot of invites for day guests then a second round once we’d got the first lot of RSVPs. Printing off a few at a time allowed us to be totally flexible in our RSVP dates for different people, it would have been much more stressful having to organise a reprint with a card printer, and we might not have been able to allow more time for people travelling from abroad etc. as we did with our handmade ones.

The invites were a big hit with our guests, we got so many comments about them, and there was something lovely about the idea of part of our invitations living on long after the wedding was over.

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