Sunday night delights #6

I know I shouldn’t, but I tend to get a sinking feeling halfway through Sunday afternoon, as I realise the end of the weekend is near. I thought I should take some time to think about all the lovely things that have happened over the weekend, and what I’m looking forward to.

ValerianBeer throne

This weekend…

Phew, well that was a week and a half. One of those weeks that was so manic that most of Saturday was spent recovering from it.

After finding a house we liked last week, we had to put our current house on the market quite quickly. Cue a busy week at work being sandwiched with lots of cleaning and house tidying morning and evening. We have now got a few offers on our house so let’s hope that we’ll know if we’re on the move very soon. House buying in England is rather haphazard, so we still have quite a lot of uncertainty for the foreseeable. The prospect that we are on the way to buying a house we love is a definite delight though!

It’s also been lovely having the house look a bit like a showhome, we had to cut back the garden ready for viewings which was the perfect excuse to bring some late flowering valerian into the house. So pretty!

Today was my Aunt’s birthday so we went out for a lovely pub lunch to celebrate. Will very much enjoyed sitting in the throne like chair the pub had put at our table, as you can see!

It’s funny how some family occasions become an integral part of the year changing as the seasons. My Aunt’s birthday often coincides with the clocks going back, and is the start of all those wonderful Autumn festivals like Halloween and Bonfire Night, not to mention dark evenings which just make me want to curl up in the warm every night after work.

The week to come…

– Really looking forward to knowing where we stand on the house!

– I’m so happy that Will is here all week after being away lots for work recently. We are planning on cooking at home lots as well as having a mini date at the cinema one night.

– Hoping to actually blog more than once, got lots of posts I’d like to finish and publish so want to actually get round to it.

– We’re also debating hosting a mini Halloween party on Friday as well! Nothing like last minute planning.

Hope you’ve got some lovely plans lined up?


2 thoughts on “Sunday night delights #6

  1. Wow, sounds like the house moving is going very quickly! I hope that continues at pace – I’m sure you’re keen to get the stress over with.

    PS Go for the party! Good to build up memories while you’re still in the house. 🙂

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