Sunday night delights #4

I know I shouldn’t, but I tend to get a sinking feeling halfway through Sunday afternoon, as I realise the end of the weekend is near. I thought I should take some time to think about all the lovely things that have happened over the weekend, and what I’m looking forward to.IMG_0259.JPG

This weekend…

I ended up off work poorly at the end of last week, so our weekend plans of going to a friend’s birthday party in London for drinking and dancing had to be cancelled.

So it’s been fairly tricky thinking of happy things to write about for this post, as I’ve mainly been lounging round the house feeling sorry for myself. But I guess making the effort to think of good things is exactly the point of these types of posts. So here we go.

– We’re planning on moving house and are one stop nearer to this now having had a mortgage approved on Saturday. Finding a house to move to might be trickier – but that’s probably a whole other blog post.

– We bought some super comfy new bedding with wedding John Lewis vouchers. It’s so soft, can’t wait to make the bed up with it. It’s going to be good as we’ve got horrible scratchy stuff at the moment.

– I have picked up the tapestry I have been working on for aaaaages after abandoning it for about six months. It’s rather epic as you can tell from the picture above. I’m also only half way through, so getting it finished by 2016 is probably a realistic aim!

– Just come back from a lovely roast dinner at our friend’s house who lives round the corner from us. So happy it’s roast potato season again, and it’s heaven being cooked for when I’m feeling under the weather.

The rest of the time has been spent reading, lying in bed and having naps mid-afternoon.

The week to come…

I am very excited about a package that should be arriving with a whole selection of crafty goodies, some of which were needed (crochet hooks) but a few other bits (such as pom-pom makers) definitely aren’t, but won’t be used any less for that.

I’m also looking forward to getting my energy back, getting some fresh air and being back to normal (and blogging more).


2 thoughts on “Sunday night delights #4

  1. I always feel cheated if I’m ill on the weekend, especially if I’m feeling fine again for Monday. Saying that though, I hope you do feel better – a delivery of crafty goods should do the trick 🙂

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