Handmade wedding part 1: save-the-date cards


This is most definitely not a wedding blog, but for the last year most of the craft and handmade things I have been doing were for our recent wedding. So for now, until I’ve made enough non-wedding things to blog about, I’m going to write a series of all the different handmade elements that went into our wedding. Some of these ideas would work for lots of different occasions, not just weddings, although maybe not what I’m going to start with: our save-the-dates.

Save the dates were the most tricky DIY I had to work out for our wedding as I wanted them to be as cost effective as possible, and we hadn’t really any idea how our wedding was going to look/feel at that stage (probably a terrible thing for a blogger to confess). We did know we wanted to incorporate wildlife, as this is an important part of our lives, I work in a natural history library and that was how Will and I met, and Will is fairly obsessed with wildlife generally.

I really liked the idea of magnet, as a guest I like having the reminder out and visible the year before the wedding. I’d also heard of people using vintage postcards of where they were getting married, which I thought was a lovely idea. Our wedding location was in a completely untouristy area though, so postcard potential was limited.

The two things came together neatly though when I came across the Ladybird Book postcard set in a bookshop. There is something so wonderful about the Ladybird books, they are some of the earliest memories I have of books, and the covers are evocative, wonderfully vintage and some are unintentionally funny if you have a childish sense of humour like me. Also lots have wildlife/nature themed titles, which made me think I’d like to incorporate them somehow. I’d seen these postcard save the dates from Martha Stewart. But they required quite a lot of neat handwriting, which I’m terrible at. They also didn’t incorporate a magnet, but I didn’t see why I couldn’t make the card that goes into the mini-envelope a magnet. So that’s what I did!

Moth card and magnet

I bought some ready cut blank business cards on eBay, although if I’d have had time I could have easily cut some myself. I liked the round corners of the ones I’d bought though. I found a stamp which could be personalised with our names and wedding date from the English Stamp Company, I notice they now have bespoke save the date stamps too, which would make it look very swish! We did reuse our stamp for the order of services and favours though, so I think I would still have gone for the basic one as I didn’t want to stretch the budget to two different stamps. I initially thought I would buy some magnetic sticky tape, but found ready cut slimline adhesive magnets for a very reasonable price, so went for them instead. Stamping the business cards and then attaching the magnet was easy, and is a wonderfully simple save the date.


I couldn’t find any ready made mini envelopes that would fit on a postcard that wouldn’t have worked out as quite expensive, due to the amount of save-the-dates I was making (around 50), so I just made my own with this template. I would have used slightly nicer card for the envelope if I could go back, I think plain white would look simpler and more effective (maybe with a pattern inside?) but there was quite a bit of time pressure to get them out before the Christmas postal service rush so they weren’t planned for long!

Mini envelope

I added ladybird stickers in the position of a stamp, to link with ladybird books. We then wrote a note on each one, asking people to save the date, I liked the space to write something a little personal rather than just sending out everything absolutely identical. We also had great fun assigning all the different postcards to different people, there weren’t enough wildlife ones to go round everyone, but a surprising amount were incredibly applicable for our guests. So my friend who is a nurse got the Florence Nightingale postcard, my godfather, who my Dad met at Scouts when they were boys got the Scouting one etc. I’m sure they didn’t notice but it pleased my detail loving side!


You could use lots of different types of postcard too, obviously vintage postcards if you can get them, but there are a huge range of different sets of postcards out there, so the possibilities are endless!

The next handmade wedding post will look how I made the invitations.


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