Sunday night delights

I know I shouldn’t, but I tend to get a sinking feeling halfway through Sunday afternoon, as I realise the end of the weekend is near. I thought I should take some time to think about all the lovely things that have happened over the weekend, and what I’m looking forward to. 

Dahlia trailDahlia decorations

This weekend…

It has been a wonderful one. Will and I got married exactly four weeks on Saturday, and although we had a very happy wedding day, we are not missing all the planning and organisation that took up our weekends for months before. Instead, we are really enjoying doing things in our own time and catching up with lots of friends.

So this weekend we went into Cambridge early to do a few errands, including a happy browsing session in the Oxfam bookshop and a few purchases. This was followed up by brunch at Afternoon Tease, where I’ve been wanting to go for ages, with my friend E. The sausage and red onion bun I had was amazing, followed by yummy Chocolate Guinness Cake (does cake make it lunch rather than brunch?!).

There was also lots of plotting as E will be moving back to New Zealand in the next few months so we want to cram in lots of touristy English things before she goes. Any suggestions for unusual things to do around East Anglia and London greatly appreciated as we’ve done most of the obvious stuff!

We then picked up another friend from the station and headed out to Anglesey Abbey, making use of our recent honeymoon impulse joining of the National Trust.

We didn’t know it before we arrived but there was a dahlia festival on, which was simply done but really effective. There were hundreds out in the gardens, beautiful dahlia decorations hung from the trees in one glade, a dahlia trail through the grounds and even a dahlia decorated pine tree – exactly like an Autumn Christmas tree. It was warm and sunny so wandering about looking at the late summer gardens was just the best way of spending an afternoon.

Today was more leisurely, we finally managed a trip to the farm shop in the next village, which I think is going to be a regular haunt. The meat is reared and slaughtered on the farm, so you know exactly what kind of life it had when you buy, and the vegetables were local and very reasonably priced as well. A return trip with a big shopping list is in order. We followed this up with a lovely lunch at my parents and a catch up with one of my cousins.

All in all a heavenly weekend! I intend to finish it in a similarly lovely style with some farm shop elderflower cider (so yum), sewing and Downton Abbey.

The week to come…

Looking forward to designing our wedding thank you cards with one of our official photographs that came through last week. So many people helped or gave us lovely gifts so can’t wait to start writing them (won’t say that when I’m halfway through and am getting hand cramp).

Am also hoping I will get a chance to try out at least one new recipe, I’ve got lazy lately and need to find some other tasty things to cook regularly. We’ve got lots of nice fruit and veg to eat from the farm shop as well, and have finally tried the bread maker we got given about two months ago – I am waiting eagerly for my first loaf as we speak. At this rate I might turn into a foodie!


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