Chapter One

It’s taken me a while to actually pluck up enough courage to write the first post after creating this blog, so here we go!

I’m starting this blog to try and think more about the things I enjoy, and make sure I appreciate all those little happy moments that make up a joyful life, and share them here.

So to introduce myself: I live in the country, on the edge of our village with my husband Will, in a little home filled with books, craft supplies and natural history paraphernalia from Will’s love of wildlife.

I love to make things and dabble in quite a few crafts including knitting, beading, sewing and anything else I fancy having a go at. This blog will be an excellent way of making sure I actually finish some things rather than having an ever growing work in progress pile.

Making is also an excellent way of appreciating the value of things. I sometimes feel a bit sick when I start thinking about just how much waste there is everywhere in the modern world, and the effect that is having not just not just on the planet but on us as well, with buying ‘stuff’ sometimes seeming like it’s supposed to be the aim of our lives. That’s not to say I don’t like pretty things – I really do – but I try and buy with thought (try being the key word there!). I mainly spend money on experiences that make me happy, like travel, rather than lots of expensive ‘stuff’. Although I am a total sucker for presents and charity shops!

So with this blog I’m mainly hoping to savour the things that make me happy in this wonderful world of ours, both close to home and also in the occasional wander abroad. Concentrating on how to just ‘be’.


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